Quotes #1 on iTunes Dance Chart in Italy
#4 on UK's Commercial Pop Club Chart
#7 in the US Billboard Club Chart
#33 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Chart
#3 on Kings of Spins
#5 on Chart Jeffrey/Disastronaut/Audio Sushi Chart Fix
#16 on the Upfront Club Chart
TOP 20 on Cool Cuts Chart & DMC Buzz Chart

"When you have a beautiful lady in your viewfinder, its hard for anything to go wrong!"
- Henry Diltz
"With 12 million combined page views for her last three music videos, Dohan has set the paper even higher."
- Review Fix
"Meital has toured the world and collaborated with some of the biggest names in music..."
- Huffington Post

"Her star potential continues to soar"
- Review Fix

"The video portrait format sits beautifully alongside a sparse musical track that showcases Dohan's vocal talents."
- FAD Magazine

"Besides starring in Weeds from 2006-2012, Meital Dohan has won an Israeli Tony Award, been nominated for 2 Israeli Oscars, and is a chart-topping musician."
- HipDaily Magazine

"Hollywood is filled with wannabes and posers wearing masks. I can assure you that's not the case with Meital Dohan."
- Pastorale Magazine

"Her Success is a testament to her hard work ethic and warm personality."
- Pastorale Magazine

"For an artist who hasn't even officially released her full length album, her three singles are killing it across the globe."
- Pastorale Magazine

"If you don't know her yet. I can assure you that you will hear of her soon in one way of another."
- Pastorale Magazine

"Meital Dohan Will Make You Scream In A Good Way... That primal scream and shared humanity is what connects her various projects."
- ManCave Daily

"Now she's set to conquer the U.S. on all entertainment fronts, and I can just see the headlines now: 'Heavy Meital'... 'Molten Meital'"
- Headlines & Global News

"MEITAL's latest single Give Us Back Love is worth a listen, as well as the rest of her catalog. Not only that, but her videos are amazing and her YouTube channel is absolutely worth a bookmark."
-Rant Lifestyle

"Singles have taken the world by storm"

"One of entertainment's biggest stars"
-TM Magazine

"Meital Dohan Has Seen and Done it All in Entertinament"
-Nalud Magazine

"Sultry and Soulful multi-talented songstress"
-Toci Worthy Magazine

"explosive musical debut"
-Toci Worthy Magazine

"climbing the charts with hit singles"
-Showbiz Junkies

"international electronic dance music sensation"
-360 Magazine

"They say she could be bigger than Lady Gaga"

"dance floor anthems and future pop classics"
-Superstar Magazine

"enigmatic popstar"

"seen by millions across Europe and the world"

"music sensation"

"a global triple threat"

"Her demeanor is equal parts international supermodel, quirky comedienne, and mad genius"

"the craziest and cutest lyric video for Give Us Back Love we've ever seen"

"International songstress who's a serious triple-threat"
-Hunger TV

"most wanted on mtv"
-Urban Vault

"generally a babe, a trendsetter, a comedy icon"
-Urban Vault

"Renaissance artiste"

"The next global singing sexpot"

"Meital Dohan is sure to go viral in the not so distant future."

"'Give Us Back Love' is one of the catchiest, most irresistible pop songs of the year."

"Pop music's newest superstar"

"Breakout pop music star"

"Taking the music scene by storm"

"Meital Dohan is a force to be reckoned with."

"Meital brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene, as she skillfully combines, sex, love, peace, all while provoking conversation about societal issues."

"sizzling sexy pop star"

"Superhero Metial set to change the world..."
-Jersulam Post

"Meital Dohan's music is very upbeat, fun, loving and truthful."
-Consciousness Magazine


"a hit-making singer"

"sassy lassie closely compared to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga"

"Meital is an artist who through sexy, seductive and soulful means wants to communicate what lies heavy on her heart -- all while entertaining us."

"... Meital Dohan was in fact, as intelligent and thoughtful as she was beautiful. The musician, actress, and author was delightfully uninhibited and more importantly, had a heart of gold."

"Meital redefines the image of a pop star..."

"Many female artists get lost in the pop shuffle but Israeli musician Meital Dohan manages to flip the bubbly genre on its face with thoughtful lyrics and soul-searching concepts."

"Meital is breaking onto the music scene..."

"Meital is on the cutting edge when it comes to life and style.."
-Red Carpet Tips

"You probably already know a ton about Meital Dohan because why wouldn't you do extensive research on a chick that looks like this..."
-MTV Buzzworthy

"the new Marilyn Monroe of hip hop.."
-Hip Hop First Class

"Director Ray Kay has dubbed the song an "instant smash" and has labeled Meital a "superstar"
-Queer Me Up

"With millions of views on her first music video, it looks like Meital is well on her way to becoming a worldwide success."
-The Dolphin LMC

"Dohan is all about using her art to deal with the bigger picture"
-Trib Live

"Meital is a Renaissance woman of the type rarely seen these days."
-Interview Magazine

"She's funny, uncompromising, a little naughty, and irrepressibly fun; but she's got some big ideas, too...her brand of provocation is both silly and deliberate, and always tongue-in-cheek"
-Interview Magazine

"The Israeli pop star's set was complete with go-go-esque male and female dancers, half-dressed in panda cool."

"People are calling her the next Lady Gaga and her debut LMFAO produced single "Yummy," is tearing up the charts.."
-Matty P's Radio Happy Hour

"She's also a comedian and a singer. And she's pretty. Why do some people get all the gifts?"
-MTV - Buzzworthy

"Beat it, Madonna. Pop's got a new triple threat..."
-Sharp - Canada's Magazine for Men

"She's not only gorgeous, but also packs a mean right hook"

"There's no pop singer out there quite like Meital, and 'Yummy' is one of the most delicious anthems you'll hear this year."
-Artist Direct

"Basically a way better version of Million Dollar Baby, this is seriously the most enjoyable video I've seen so far this year."
-Clothes Before Hoes

"Killer new song from Meital Dohan! ... MTV is covering such a talented female with her own unique style and outlook!"
-Beat King

"...Does someone have a kickass eraser I can borrow? There are some pink blocks on my computer screen I want to remove."
-Culture Bratz

"The Israeli native is a bonafide triple threat. She's also a comedian and a singer. And she's pretty... Does she have some kind of cheat code we're not aware of?"

"Meital has a sound reminiscent of Lady Gaga's dance floor anthems mixed with Die Antwoord wit and Debbie Harry's effortless cool and sex appeal."
-Mickie's Zoo

"Seductive, soulful, and striking, Meital is just what 21st century pop needs."
-Artist Direct

A fab little ditty by newcomer to the U.S. music scene... Trust us... you will be singing it all day!!!

The debut single is a fun little electropop gem of a song with a sassy video that complements the song's sense of humor to a T... I'm on board!
-Music Is My King Size Bed

Admit it, you're intrigued.
-Just a Guy Thing

New video from pop sensation Meital Dohan
-Video Detective

This sexy Israeli native is taking a stab at the music industry and she's entering with a bang.

Yes, outrageous - along with a sexy, crazy fun wowzers. You definitely don't want to miss it!
-Celebrity VIP Lounge

...Israel is hot! ...bringing us the hottest new Israeli import to the US pop music market
-The Showt

Israeli actress blesses world with stunning debut.

This raspy babe has made my day... watch her rocket to stardom.

Her music and lyrics are catchy, upbeat and exude the same sexiness and playfulness that this actress turned singer represents.
-Mickie's Zoo

Meital Dohan's sexy, sassy (and sometimes shocking) video for debut single "Yummy Boyz" is approaching one million views on YouTube - celebrate by getting down to one of her newly released remixes of the track, including versions by Chew Fu (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Robyn) and club DJ Danny Verde.

The play lingers in the mind, thanks to the emotional acuity of the writing and the deeply committed performances by its actors... There's no shortage of sexual chemistry between them - it's hard to imagine anyone not having chemistry with the sultry actress Dohan."

Meial Dohan was ferocious...
New York Post- Page Six

"[The] extremely gorgeous Meital Dohan and Gianino give energetic, bruise inducing performances under Timothy Haskell's direction."

"The role of Abby in Stitching is difficult to forget. Watching Dohan stumble through her nightmares... brands itself into the memory long after leaving the theater. Exploring a role like that and making an audience think is a huge payoff."
New York Press

"...rewards the audience by coming to a shocking, powerful conclusion. Like a modernized Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

"Gianino and Dohan dive into the text with physical and emotional verve!"
Time Out New York

"Superb, often disturbing."
The New Yorker

"The highlight of the evening is Dohan: droll and ferocious, She prowls the stage like a Fassbinder diva."
La Times

"Searing portrayals by Dohan and Ventimiglia, the two never lose a laserlike focus often breathtaking in its intensity, Meital Dohan does very impressive work."
Daily Variety

"I remain fixed by the fiercely felt presence of its leading lady, the superb Israeli actor Meital Dohan."

"Critic's Pick! The actors play it with precision and understated passion. Dohan gives us a young woman whose surface Toughness conceals terrifying vulnerability."

"Dohan resonates the heights and depths of emotions in the extreme. She is splendid. Beautiful, with a free supple body, too."
Stage Happenings

"The acting was mesmerizing. Meital Dohan stands out. She has one of those undefinable but unforgettable qualities. I couldn't take my eyes off of her."
Anna Strasberg, The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute

"...Dohan successfully creates tension and suspense that adds plenty of flavor to the film."
Cindy Kyungah Lee at Campus Circle

"Resonating the heights and depths of emotions in the extreme. She was splendid..."

"Dohan has a sharp with and notable ability to find the unlikely joke"
The Village Voice

"Meital Dohan is a pouty-mouthed blonde with a body that would stop traffice in an 80-mile-an-hour zone."

"Meital Dohan is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood."

"Whether here or there, sexy Israeli actress is a tour de force."
Jerusalem Post

"She's charming, delightful and sometimes silly."
Mr. Media, Bob Andelman

"Breathtaking in it's intensity, Meital Dohan does very impressive work as a frustrated woman- maybe two women- caught in a destructive relationship..."

"She has all the qualities of a diva...magnetic and eccentric and undeniably talented.

"Showtime's Weeds has enjoyed a strong second season and one of the unsung heroes thus far has been Meital Dohan, evolved from bookish and spiritual to flirty, intimidating, insatiable and still spiritual."
Zap 2 it

"...her character is every bit the sex kitten, from her Marilyn Monroe dyed blonde hair, to her skintight t-shirt dress, to the smears of ruby red lipstick and black eyeliner across her face..."
The Village

Quietly moving and high personal. Superb performance...
La Splash